Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Things

I shamelessly stole this from MagicHands. :)

25 things you don't know about me

  1. I am terrified of ladybugs.
  2. Books are my crack. No matter how horrible a book is, I will finish it. This has led to some interesting reactions from me.
  3. I am extremely clumsy. My feet are not my friend.
  4. I tend to be very shy and have a hard time interacting with new people. Once I get to know someone though, they can't get me to shut up.
  5. When I was a child I wanted nothing more than to be in the military. I was in JROTC throughout high school and excelled at it, even attending the summer camp program and graduating at the top of my class.
  6. I curse like a man.
  7. When I get really tickled I sometimes make this strange snorting-hiccup laugh. No matter what I cannot do it if I try.
  8. I cannot stand food touching. Please, no.
  9. I secretly want to be a politician.
  10. I "see" music. When I hear music I can "see" the different strands and how they intermingle, often each strand is a different color and they blend into a tapestry of sorts.
  11. I can play most instruments, have been in drum corp and state bands but cannot sing to save my soul.
  12. Bring me to the movies and I will choose the western or shoot 'em up action flick every time. I don't do scary movies and chick flicks make me violent.
  13. My hair is almost to my butt and has at least three different shades in it naturally and it's ridiculously thick.
  14. I only knew my husband for less than ten months when we married, and I was 19.
  15. I don't own a cellphone.
  16. I have the attention span of a gnat. While writing this I have lost my train of thought three times.
  17. I was born on 11/11, but 11 seems to be very unlucky for me.
  18. I am insanely competitive., and love board games.
  19. I have given my family food poisoning. I am that bad of a cook.
  20. I secretly love Spongebob, and when my kiddo's were young I had a crush on the Blue's Clue's guy. (The new one, not the old one.)
  21. I could be that guy with the tin-foil hat. Simply put, the idea of aliens scary the crap out of me.
  22. I talk in my sleep and have been known to sleep walk. My daughter does this too.
  23. I think I have more books in my house than the local library, only problem is I won't share.
  24. People who's homes are too clean make me nervous. Don't they live there?
  25. I can't think of a good ending for this. Edited cause I thought of something- I hate pop music and techno makes me twitch. I prefer male singers over female (Only like two female singers I can think of) and love music that sounds old. Think Ray LaMontagne, Damien Rice, Robert Pattinson (Yeah the last one is that Twilight dude, but wow what a freaking singer!)


missfire said...

I think we're kindred spirits. I'm in the military. Aliens scare the shit out of me. I have mild synestheisa, too, but for words, not music.


copperseal said...

didn't know you were so talented! ;)

KnittingsMyBag said...

Great Post~I saw you on Twitter and had to check it out.

najmuthakib said...

hey spazzzzzzzzzy!

1. no way! they are sooo cute!

2. i understand completely! when i was little and did something wrong my parents use to punish me by banning my books! But of course that didn't stop me! I use to sneak in to there room in the middle of the night and nick them. I use to have books under my pillow, behind my bed, under my bed, i read all the books at all of my local library's...now i just buy them....and sell them on eBay! Saves space! (if you read a really really good book let me know)

3. me and my feet are pretty cool together.

4. yes i noticed...lol!

5. ooohhhhhh! whats JROTC?
My school was a private girls school and they didn't even let us go to the park across from our school...really strict! forget camping and stuff!

6. tut! tut! not very lady like!

7. OMG! my family always tell me to NEVER laugh in public...

8. We should never meet then...i always TOUCH foood! haha!

9. ugh! no your better of making yarn!

10. yay1 i love emotional songs...in a language i can't understand! i don't know it just sounds better. ahn jae wook - is my fave!

11. wow! amazing!! i can whistle...not bad...huh?

12. no western for me, can't stand the drawl...scary movies, no thank you! chick flicks, ugh!....i like action films!

13. nice! lucky you!...i would love thick hair.

14. don't worry girls in my family get married between 16 - 20 and they know there husbands for 3 - 9 months! they all seem pretty fine...

15. nethier do i! cool!

16. i am very forgetful! wow...where pretty similar!

17. lol!

18. your probably a bad loser too! i have cousins who when they loose in chest or taboo or other board games, tip or smash the bored coz they can't take it.....lol!

19. now i can say this...my brothers love my cooking and my sis will specially come down just to eat my food....I'm a natural. hehe! (yes I know i sound like a bighead)

20. Blue's Clue's?

21. guy with the tin-foil hat?

22. i feel sorry for your husband...waking up in the middle of the knight to find hi wife missing....ohhhh!

23. noooooooo! i wanna seeee!
snif! snif! snif!

24. like i said we should never meet!

25. Robert Pattinson? he sings? i didn't know!

thought he was a actor...

I'm not toooooo in to pop!

o.k thats alll!

najmuthakib said...

26. as you noticed i am VERY bad at spelling! ugh! UGH!

please ignore them!

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

You seem completely adorable!
C'mon - Ladybugs? They are lucky.
I just broke down and bought your Neopolitan yarn. And, yes, I'm a nut cuz I don't even knit. *snort* But gimme time and I will!

This was a cute post, and you're a yarn goddess. Seriously.