Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh so pretty

This is my new yarn. I love it!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and votes on my recent poll. I really appreciate it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random stuff and new shoes

Here are my new shoes. I love these things, they are so comfortable!!

I spent forever and a day searching for one stupid book, just to find it where Nora told me it would be forty minutes before. That's what I get for not listing to her, she's always right about things like that. So I'm taking my newly found book and going to curl up and read. Yay for kids in bed and a winter storm blowing outside.

Oh and here is a sneak peek of a yarn that will be listed tomorrow!

It's camel plied with thread and tons of sparkly brown toned beads!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Write or wrong

I love to write, usually.

My problem lately is the amount of ideas banging around in my head.

I have a 62k word novel sitting (technically it's hiding in a word file) on my desk that I cannot make myself finish. The mood is dark, the novel is intense and brings some very painful things from my past front and center.

I also have two outlines, one very detailed- verging on a first draft, the other just a basic sketch. On top of that, there is a little nagging character that wants out of my brain, and she's not above clawing her way free.

I honestly do not know what to do. So please use the poll on the top right and vote for what you think I should be doing next! Thanks in advance!

On another note, I listen to a lot of music lately. I heart music.

Here is my current favorite right now.

I was a bit surprised to find out he was a teen heartthrob, from his music I figured he would be much older and not quite that hot.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Things

I shamelessly stole this from MagicHands. :)

25 things you don't know about me

  1. I am terrified of ladybugs.
  2. Books are my crack. No matter how horrible a book is, I will finish it. This has led to some interesting reactions from me.
  3. I am extremely clumsy. My feet are not my friend.
  4. I tend to be very shy and have a hard time interacting with new people. Once I get to know someone though, they can't get me to shut up.
  5. When I was a child I wanted nothing more than to be in the military. I was in JROTC throughout high school and excelled at it, even attending the summer camp program and graduating at the top of my class.
  6. I curse like a man.
  7. When I get really tickled I sometimes make this strange snorting-hiccup laugh. No matter what I cannot do it if I try.
  8. I cannot stand food touching. Please, no.
  9. I secretly want to be a politician.
  10. I "see" music. When I hear music I can "see" the different strands and how they intermingle, often each strand is a different color and they blend into a tapestry of sorts.
  11. I can play most instruments, have been in drum corp and state bands but cannot sing to save my soul.
  12. Bring me to the movies and I will choose the western or shoot 'em up action flick every time. I don't do scary movies and chick flicks make me violent.
  13. My hair is almost to my butt and has at least three different shades in it naturally and it's ridiculously thick.
  14. I only knew my husband for less than ten months when we married, and I was 19.
  15. I don't own a cellphone.
  16. I have the attention span of a gnat. While writing this I have lost my train of thought three times.
  17. I was born on 11/11, but 11 seems to be very unlucky for me.
  18. I am insanely competitive., and love board games.
  19. I have given my family food poisoning. I am that bad of a cook.
  20. I secretly love Spongebob, and when my kiddo's were young I had a crush on the Blue's Clue's guy. (The new one, not the old one.)
  21. I could be that guy with the tin-foil hat. Simply put, the idea of aliens scary the crap out of me.
  22. I talk in my sleep and have been known to sleep walk. My daughter does this too.
  23. I think I have more books in my house than the local library, only problem is I won't share.
  24. People who's homes are too clean make me nervous. Don't they live there?
  25. I can't think of a good ending for this. Edited cause I thought of something- I hate pop music and techno makes me twitch. I prefer male singers over female (Only like two female singers I can think of) and love music that sounds old. Think Ray LaMontagne, Damien Rice, Robert Pattinson (Yeah the last one is that Twilight dude, but wow what a freaking singer!)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yarn Lust

I'm actually going to list some yarns today!

Here is a sneak peek!

Now wipe that drool from your chin! :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009

One eye open and a smack in the head

I'm having a hard time waking up this morning. There is nothing to do, the house is clean, kids are fed and happy and I just want to curl up and go to sleep. That's a lie. What I really want to do is go into the Etsy forums and raise a bit of hell, but the sane part of my head is keeping that train wreck from happening.

I'm tempted to spin, I have tons of beautiful roving calling my name but that takes effort. I've read every book I own and I'm not one for rereading and if I stay at the computer I will cause damage.

What I have decided is to encourage my girl crush of Laura Croft. We have a love hate relationship I should tell you. Her jumping into the middle of nowhere and strange camera angles get to me, but when she makes it where she should, it's pure love.

Not nasty love.

And No, I don't curse at her. At least not often.... (or maybe just kinda sorta often.)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A bithday and a strange cake

All she wanted was a farm cake. Easy enough, or so I thought. After a trip to Wal-Mart, ordering a cake and then getting it home, I finally opened it.

The cake was cute, there was a small barn, a fence and pond with a horse. There was a cute little pig, a cow eating some grass and a farmer.

Mr. Farmer man... well he was scary.

Yes, that's right, he's holding a shotgun and either a lead pipe or a whip. He is also smoking. At first it was kind of funny, but really, is this the message I want to send my child.

I'm still trying to find the words to describe why this bothers me so much.

On a positive note, her birthday was perfect. Her favorite part, this ribbon.

She has played with this ribbon for hours. It has been stretched, stuck to her sisters forehead and each barbie has worn it also.

And my favorite part is now, she's curled up next to me, fast asleep.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl

Today is Valentines day, it is also my baby girls birthday.

Happy 5th Birthday Katie-Bell, I hope this is the best one ever.

Pictures are coming.