Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Would you like to win this yarn? How about a 25 dollar gift card to my shop?

Here are the rules,
There will be two winners, first place will pick either the yarn or the gift card, second place will win the one not chosen.

How to apply?

Post a comment to this post with your favorite color combo for one entry.

Tweet about this contest using my @spazzyarn in your post for another entry (if you do not use the @spazzyyarn somewhere in your tweet then I will not be able to track your extra entry! 1 tweet a day will count)

An example of what you can tweet is -
Check out @spazzyyarn blog giveaway! http://spazzyyarns.blogspot.com/

and/or buy something from my shop from now until Friday the 22nd for 2 entries per item purchased.

Winners will be chosen at random at noon EST on Friday the 22nd. Please make sure to leave an email address or shop name so I can contact you if you have won. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours another one will be chosen.


Joyce said...

You know it's gotta be "Dude, Nice Melons!". I love that one. :) The color and the name. I retweeted you too. Plus the 22nd is my b-day! Maybe that'll bring me good luck. ;)

Laura said...

I love Dream Cicle and Summer Fun both. I will go give you a tweet right now and I will try to remember to tweet you every day!

Barbara said...

I think my favorite color combo is brown and robbin's egg blue.

Ragdoll on Ravelry
Ragdolldesigns on Twitter

Barbara said...

I think my favorite color combo is brown and robbin's egg blue.

Ragdoll on Ravelry
Ragdolldesigns on Twitter

idyll hands said...

My fave color combo is teal and burnt orange.


Valerie said...

I love your "Behind the Clouds" version of yellows and organges! But of course, I LOVE THEM ALL!!


Monkey Snuggles said...

I absolutely LOOOVe the tomato basil yarn in your shop and am frantically looking for a pattern so I can make something for myself with it!

Marie said...

ooo..purple people eater or peanut butter & jelly!

Peggy said...

My favorite is peanut butter and jelly

Catherine said...

I love the Peacock yarn. The color is so rich and jewel-like!

Catherine said...

I tweeted too.

ZigZagStitches on Twitter

Nora said...

Oooo I likey some Spazzyyarn!!! Count me in yo! Off to go TWEET too! Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Mermaid Tail is so beautiful, but they are all beautiful color combinations. The Peanutbutter and Jelly is awesome too.

ikkinlala said...

My favourite colour combo right now is chocolate brown and leaf green.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

penelopestitchstop said...

I like purple and blue together. beautiful yarn. nursetoes@gmail.com.
Penny Powell

Iann said...

My favorite combo is pink and brown. You just can't go wrong.

@iannthegirl on twitter. Thanks!

Lois said...

I believe I am partial to cold midnight! I am happy to tweet your contest.


Wendy said...

I love the red and white. I've retweeted you too! Love your yarn. :)

Laura said...

I have tweeted you two days in a row today http://twitter.com/MadeByLaura/status/1721435659 and yesterday http://twitter.com/MadeByLaura/status/1709432889 Now if I could just make a few bucks I would go buy some entries. :)

Redd said...

I love the Sunshine and Lollipops! It looks good enough to eat!
I'm going to go tweet this right now!

Spazzy Yarns said...

Thank you everyone!! I am keeping a list of everyone's tweets too! :) If we reach 50 entries, I will add in another prize!

Anonymous said...

i agree with barbara - i love brown with robin's egg blue. like a robin's nest with eggs inside! :)

Lona said...

You've got some great color combinations in your shop already. I am currently appreciating turquoise and bright red together. Should try that one!

Love the yarns!

Lona said...

I tweeted just now.

K Low said...

Love the yarn here, but favorite combos are anything blue and green.

A Dusty Frame said...

I like your watermelon version:)
Thanks for entering me.

I'm going to tweet too:)

my7kids said...

I love purple and a different purple (shades that don't "match"). Also black and coffee-with-cream
jesus_iscomin AT yahoo DOT com
My7kids Recycled Yarn Shop
HeartFeltFun Accessory Boutique
My Thoughts on Life, Yarn, Kids, and Other Stuff

my7kids said...

I tweeted!

jesus_iscomin AT yahoo DOT com
My7kids Recycled Yarn Shop
HeartFeltFun Accessory Boutique
My Thoughts on Life, Yarn, Kids, and Other Stuff

Heide said...

Natural colors usually trip my trigger, but the colors in Purple People Eater totally rock.

Anonymous said...

I love light blue and deep brown together.

The Salt Water Taffy yarn in your shop is so pretty!


Alpaca Farmgirl said...


meredith said...

Hi there-
I fell in love with the Morning Glory color combination.

Beautiful creations!
-Meredith (in Nobleboro, ME)
mduke722 on Twitter

Lesha said...

Oh my goodness, I love your Morning Glory and Peanut Butter and Jelly! Okay, I love it all.

So gorgeous!
I'm off to tweet you too.

Elsee said...

Purple People Eater is my fav, although you has so many beautiful color combos it really was difficult to choose. I'm retweeting you now and already added you to my Bloglines feeds.

Lona said...

Tweeted again today (forgot to tell you my twittername is shadysidefarm).

Ina said...

My favorite is Harvest-Handspun Yarn. I'll tweet you next. :)

vintagepix said...

Tooo many choices to pick one favorite! Couldn't decide between Morning Glory and Summer Fun for color choice vs. Peanut Butter & Jelly for sheer silly cleverness :D

Susan said...

I love the "Watermelon", but the "Peacock" is a close second. Your yarn is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Bblue & green

my7kids said...

I tweeted your giveaway (again!)

jesus_iscomin AT yahoo DOT com
My7kids Recycled Yarn Shop
HeartFeltFun Accessory Boutique
My Thoughts on Life, Yarn, Kids, and Other Stuff

Brooke said...

What a great contest! Love your hand spuns. My favorite color combinations involve lime green and some version of blue, then something else....like brown, or orange, or purple.

Vicky said...

Cookie Monster- Handspun Navajo Ply Yarn and Peanut Butter and Jelly are my favorite of your yarns.

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

I have to love Secret Garden the best, but for names - Dude, Nice Melons is priceless. DD walked by screen and told me she didn't think I was old enough to be on your website. lol.

Hope to win!!!!!

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

Tweeted today!

lacey said...

I really love sea foam green and charcoal grey! ...but it's so darn hard to choose just one!

SavingDiva said...

I love the Purple People Eater Parade! I love knitting with expensive yarns, but I can't afford it as a broke graduate student :( Your yarns are really beautiful.

my7kids said...

I tweeted you! Actually twice tonight...

jesus_iscomin on twitter
jesus_iscomin at yahoo dot com

Desiree said...

My favorite color combo--for anything!--is red and black!

twitter Hamncheezr

Desiree said...

I tweeted you!